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A toy is a physical object that provides amusement or interest, it can educational, be virtual, large or small, a model, something that needs building, colouring or moving. Kids love models, jigsaws and dolls from an early age and there are lots of makers of beautiful non-toxic toys your kids will treasure for ever.

As your kids get older you can buy increasingly complicated games that will test their planning and organisational skills. If you want to stimulate their creativity there are a loads of different craft sets you can buy so they can have a go at painting, model making, knitting, bracelet weaving, carving and engraving.

Teenagers are likely to want computer games and games consoles. Don't fear its not all shooting zombies. There are plenty of games that include a high degree of strategy and problem solving to tax their brains as well as their thumbs. There are also some great software writers out there who have combined fin with great learning opportunities - stop motion kits, games that incorporate maths and statistics and learning about the physical world.
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