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We have specific categories for websites related to B2B supplies, Jobs and Offices. for anything else business related you should add your information here. Suitable websites would be telecom companies, marketing, architects, accountants, manufacturers and sales of businesses.

Did You Know The average UK household spends £483.60 per week. Top items of expenditure are transport - buying and maintaining cars are most expensive then comes public transport costs. The second highest category of expenditure was fun - recreation and culture which includes TV and holidays. UK households third most expensive item was housing and then came food. The average household spends over £17 per week on foreign holidays but only £7 on fruit and veg!
  • Cubewing

    Cubewing are a supplier of high quality office furniture from boardroom furniture to reception desks and bench desking.

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  • Acetylated Wood
    Acetylated Wood

    Accoya acetylated wood is a modified wood which has characteristics much more favourable than normal softwoods, it has great durability, strength and longevity.

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